Happy Mother's Day (month): 30 Mums_3 Age Groups_2 Questions

March 01, 2017


This year, UK Mother’s Day is on Sunday 26th March 2017 and we want to celebrate the occasion by showing some love and appreciation to mothers of all ages!

Over the course of this month, we will be sharing with you real thoughts and experiences from 30 mums from 3 different age groups: Under 30s, 30 – 45 and Over 45s. We thought it would be interesting to read the viewpoints of mums of different ages. We asked them 2 simple, yet revealing questions that we believe would help to capture the highs and lows of being a mother.

“What is the best thing about being a mother for you?”

“What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of being a mother?"

When we started asking these 2 questions, we had no idea what sort of answers we were going to get back. We simply asked the questions, no guidelines or any formats were given to be followed. One thing we knew was that, we wanted the answers to be published anonymously, apart from our featured mums whom we have permission to share their photos and first names. It was important to us that everyone feel they can answer honestly, without being judged.

The responses we received were beautiful; full of love, challenges and acceptance.

We got so much more back than we hoped for, some beautiful stories and some struggles that no parents should have to endure, but they do. With this in mind, we’ve decided to dedicate each day to each mum, giving each person’s answers the space they deserve.

We hope you will enjoy the journey through all these thoughts and experiences of being a mother. This article will be updated each day throughout the month of March and will also be published on both our Facebook & Twitter accounts.

Please do leave your comments below, if you’d like to show your support to the mums or if you’d like to share your experiences with us.

That’s all from us for now. Let's catch up again at the end of the month.
Love you mum! x



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31/03/2017: Thank you for all our great mums who took part in this article. Just a final note from me - a mum only to a furry baby! 

Thank you for celebrating Mummy's Month with us and again, biggest thank you to all our 30 mums! x

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