About us

'ArtsCraftsJewels' is a British family-run business based in Warwickshire, with a Thai influence. We are collaborating with a handful of artists and craftspeople to create a collection of soulful and contemporary wall art, jewellery and accessories. Our product range is lovingly designed, carefully sourced and ethically created to fit our ethos. Each collection is inspired by our love for life, nature and simple beauty.

It all started with our passion for silver jewellery and our thirst to build something of our own. From the get go, we knew that this had to be a positive venture, for us and others. We aspire to positively affect the people we come in contact with; to make our 'happy stamp' on the world around us. From that mark is where we'll grow our mini empire. These values we've set for ourselves will reflect on how we conduct our business and the genuine customer service we provide. 

So what's our ethos?
We ask ourselves three questions before we get started on a new product:

Is it good for you? Is it good for us? Is it good for the communities we're working with?

If it's a 'yes' for all three, then we believe good things are in the making! 

Creating feel-good moments

We design, source and create things we love with people we enjoy working with. Hopefully, you will love our products and what we do too. We want you to always look and feel fab, whether that's by wearing a piece of handcrafted jewellery, smiling at a piece of artwork or finding a special gift for a loved one. We want to be the one to help you create those moments.  

An ethical approach 
We pay a fair price and we work with people who care about people. Although we don't claim to be saviours of the planet, to help us sleep easy at night, we try to mainly work with products that are kind to people and the environment. For example, vegetable-tanned leather and reclaimed inner tubes. Oh, and there's not a sweatshop in sight!

Supporting small businesses 
Big companies motivated us to dream but small businesses inspired us to take the first step. We applaud their bravery, drive and passion. For these reasons, we've chosen to work with small groups of craftsmen and small businesses on our collections; adopting a 'we grow together' attitude. 

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The ArtsCraftsJewels team


Andy - a practical, logical and well-grounded West Midlands boy, with a flair for photography and a mind for all things technical. If he has his tools, he can build anything! 

Star - a Thai/Chinese girl, born in Bangkok but raised in the UK. A child of imagination, who's lived a colourful life and has the drive to see the possibilities. 

And last but not least, our life and travel companion...

Bella - a rescued springer spaniel/beagle cross. An ex-street dog from Ireland, who's ended up in England and has travelled all over Thailand!



Currently, our products are sourced and created in Thailand, with our ‘made in the UK’ range coming out later this year. Thailand came into the picture because the venture was formed during our travels there… we couldn’t resist the talent and the creativity it oozes! However, we want to grow better and wiser. At some point in the future, we will be on the lookout for lovely people to work with from other parts of the world too, if they fit in with our ethos.

“Be proud of your home, as well as your roots but don’t forget the rest of the world.”

We're very privileged to have had the opportunity to explore Thailand, and with Star’s Thai roots, we're able to really get to know the people we’re working with. The ability to understand their passion, growing our working relationships and seeing each product come to life is a very rewarding and exciting process. 

Our arts, crafts and jewels collections are a combination of our own designs and collaborations with our partners. We are proud to be working with them and excited to be seeing our creations in your hands.

We're small now but growing everyday because of your support. So thank you, you lovely people! Don't forget to watch this space!

If you ever want to talk to us, please don't be shy - get in touch here