Product Information & Disclaimer

ArtsCraftsJewels' handmade products are creations of artisans and not factory manufactured. It is therefore very rare to create identical items. There may be natural blemishes/variations that are not product flaws. Such variations are natural for items made from natural/recycled materials and inherent in the manufacturing of handmade products. You may find minor distinctions that make each item special and truly one-of-a-kind.

The product images on ArtsCraftsJewels' website may differ from the products you receive due to variations in electronic screens settings. Please note that while we have tried to accurately display the colors of products, the actual colors you see will depend on your monitor and may not be accurate.

Please see additional information below for handmade jewellery and vegetable-tanned leather accessories.

Our handmade silver jewellery is free from nickel, made with sterling silver of at least 92.5% purity. In the UK, sterling silver must contain at least 92.5% of pure silver and every piece of silver weighing over 7.78g should be hallmarked. Our silver jewellery will be hallmarked according to the Hallmarking Act 1973. To learn more about silver and hallmarking, please read here.

All silver pieces will tarnish and wear over time. Taking care when handling, wearing and storing your jewellery will help to reduce the risk of early wear & tear, and slowdown the process of tarnishing. More on jewellery care here.

We use only vegetable-tanned leather and plant based dyes for our handmade leather accessories to avoid the use of harmful chemicals as much as possible. Every piece is unique and has tonal variations, small marks or scars are natural features and should not be considered as faults. 

Leather will continue to age overtime. This is a natural process and cannot/should not be avoided. The appearance of leather will change - its colour, tone and texture, developing its own character with each day that passes. This is also known as 'patina'. Vegetable-tanned leather develops beautiful patina. Instead of avoiding it, many leather fans encourage it! Leather patina is more visible in 'natural leather', which is without dye and free from pigment. This leather is essentially a blank canvas and comes in a nude tone. Every effort is made to select the most pristine piece of natural leather for our accessories; however, some small imperfections are to be expected. 

Natural nude vegetable tanned leather ageing processThis image is a strip of natural vegetable-tanned leather. You can see the patina this piece has developed over the course of 4 weeks, from nude tone to a slightly darker pastel shade. With more time, it can develop into more of a caramel colour. How each piece ages depends on how it's used, cared for and its exposure to the environment - particularly moisture and sun light. If you’d like to find out more about caring for your leather accessories, please read more here.